Tuesday 3 February 2015


ATTENTION ATTENTION PALS! Our wonderful comrade Mr Mince Pie is going in for a dental tomorrow. The same sort of op what which I, Jasper had. Now pals, will you all stand up, put your paws in the air and shout loudly "YOU WILL BE FINE TOMORROW PIE, WE ALL WISH YOU WELL AND A SPEEDY RECOVERY AFTER OP. WE HERE FOR YOU PAL, ALWAYS! WATCH OUT FOR THAT SHAVER MATE!!"  So comrades, paws together and send Pie all the hugs and love pawsibble, he is a wonderful dude and needs us right beside him helping him through his dental.
ALL TOGETHER NOW..... "WE LOVES YOU MINCEY, WE LOVES YOU MINCEY." We all here pal don't forget that. Get mum to let us know hows you be. BIG HUGS FOR MINCEY PIE ! XXX


  1. *joins paws for Mince* Awww, you are such good pals, Jasper and Felix. We join you hoping all goes well for Mince at the vet xox

  2. oh thanks Thomas, you so very kind, we is pacing up and down, waiting to hear. Mum got her fingers crossed to tight and we have out paws tightly crossed too COME ON MINCE! XXX