Sunday, 1 February 2015


Now dudes, Jasper here, time for my account of me visit to anipal hospical! Mmmmm, I was not looking forward to it I can tell you, but, I had to be brave, show mum I was a tough boy, and not a woosy pussy! Hee hee!! Well, the night before I was not allowed any noms after 8pm, am sure me brofur Felix had some but mum sorted it so I would not see and get upset. Anyway, mum was in a state, didn't sleep, was up most of the night worrying. Me and brofur Fe tried to calm her down, lots of tea and cuddles. Well morning came and we were all ready for an early start, had to be there by 9am. Fe said "you will be ok bro, I just know it mate, I loves you bro and I'll make sure mum has somefink to eat, will see you tonight mate, can't wait, loves you." We got to the anipal hospical and a nice male nurse signed me in and told me and mum not to worry, all would be fine. Mum gave me loads of kisses and cuddles and said she be back in no time to take me home and I will be ok, be brave. Well pals, me stiff whiskery upper lip did tremble a bit but I needed to be a tough dude and hold it all together, didn't want to upset mum.

They settled me down and was very nice to me, chatting away, then, they appeared wiv a SHAVER !!!!!! HUH???  Hang on , I had THAT op years ago. Then nurse tok hold of my paw and started to shave a little patch, which I was not at all impressed wiv. If that wasn't enough she then stuck a needle in, she said she needed just a little drop of blood. What??? BLOOD???? I did try to resist but she started to extract it!! How much does she need? That is not a drop that is a PAWFULL!! I was not amused. Little while later she returned and told me all was fine and she had spoken to mum. Then she only got THE SHAVER out AGAIN AND SHAVED THE OTHER PAW!!!!  She got a needle out again, URRRRR!! But did not take anyfing wiv it but injected me wiv sumthing, fink it might have been neet nip as I went quite woozy very quickly. While observing my second shaved patch nurse stuck a fing in me paw that had a long tube in it to some sort of fing in a bottle or sumfink. She said it was for a drip. DRIP???? Who she calling a drip?!  I then started to become more woozier and must have dropped off, that nip they injected me wiv was strong stuff!  I seem to quickly wake up and felt ok, bit light headed and sleepy but ok. Me mouf felt a bit odd, not sore just a bit odd. It would seem they had removed 3 teef and gave rest of me teef a good clean up. I thought they would have given me teef back so I could put them under me pillow when I got home, no such luck, meanies! Nurse kept popping into chat to me and give me a cuddle, she told me she had spoke to mum again and that mum was so happy I was ok and all went well. Huh! Yeah right, she didn't od on nip and have 3 teef out !!  But, I was pleased she was ok and she be in to pick me up in couple of hours. I had to stay on drip for that time to recover. Not quite sure what all that meant, couldn't quite make out if she meant I was a drip, not impressed. Eventually that pipe fing was taken out of me paw and I was feeling a lot better.  Nurse said mum was here ready to take me home, she just paying the bill.  Well pals, I was wide eyed and starving, hope mum brought some noms!  When the nurse brought me out to mum she looked quite pale shoving her wallet back in her bag, but when she saw me she was so happy as I was seeing her. Mum had no noms so had to wait until I got home. When I got out of me carrier I zapped over to brofur Fe we had brofur hugs then I ran round house checking all was ok, an impromptu patrol. As far as noms was concerned it was so annoying, I was only allowed a teeny bit. Well dudes I camped out beside kitchen door but still was told by mum no more until the morning. Yeah but Felix had his.
That night all three of us slept n mum's bed, snuggled up and we all had a good night's sleep, even mum did. My check up 4 days later was ok, am healing well. Now back to normal noms. Oh pals, it was an ordeal but I'm glad I got it done, my teef feel so much better don't hurt and I can eat well.

A big fanks to all who sent get well messages for me, was so appreciated.

Now pals, next Wednesday a very special pal of ours Mr Mincey Pie is also going in for his dental, so guys please please wish him all the very best and a safe time at the V E T and his mum and dad can't wait for him to come home in the evening. Miss Pud will be waiting for him too. So Pie, take care mate, we are with you all the way, you will be ok you will be fine. You is a very brave #wlf comrade. Which brings us onto THAT OTHER AWARD we may have mentioned on twittery. It wiv great pleasure that we are awarding Mr Mince Pie THE FESTER AWARD FOR FRIENDSHIP. Pie is such a wonderful pal to all he meets. A kind, thoughtful dude always there to help efurryone. Mate, you deserve it. We will organise your certificate and get it to your mum asap for you. Right pals altogether now......  APPAWS ! APPAWS ! APPAWS !
Mr Mince Pie


  1. It was grrreat to hear you were such a brave boy at the v e t Felix *high paws* It was such a stressful time for all concerned but you came through like a super trooper! :*)

  2. Oh Thomas pal you are such a wonderful dawggy, we loves you pal. "whispers" it was me, Jasper who had der dental op. No probs pal, we don't mind. You always and always will be one of our bestest pals. Don't forget to wish Mr Pie big love and hugs for his dental op tomorrow Wednesday 4th Feb. We told him not to worry he will be fine. "high paws to Mr Pie and to you Thomas" XXX