Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Hello everyone. We here again It was a lovely day earlier now it be raining AGAIN!!! Weirdy weather. 
We watched out of window this afternoon as mum had few hours off so she hoovered the lawn and gave it a hair cut. Why do hoomans hoover their grass?
We fiddlin with our bloggy layout again. We like playing wiv it. Got to keep fiddlin wiv it, got to get it right.
FELIX here. Excuse me, just got to do me pedicure. My toes need sorting. Must have clean feet !
JASPER here.  Trust him. No manners ! Unlike myself, who knows one's manners and can sit in front of the camera like a gentleman....

Monday, 25 June 2012


Yes tis true pals. Our mum calls us "Cuddlebums". We got pics to show you wot she means. 


Hello everyone ! It be Monday and a start of another week. We had good time at #wlfbbq last night. We both got widdly tiddly. Nothing changes there then !

We have some more pics for you. They be of our back garden patrol. It as been rainin so much that we had to do guard duty from the door, bit wet and muddy outside.
Mum said that she is goin to write a CATS ON TV & FILM QUIZ and will put it on here and on her own blog site what which she has lots of other quizzes on. So you can chooswe which blog yous do quiz on. Will include shows like Top Cat, Tom & Jerry, films like Puss in Boots, Garfield etc etc. Should be great fun. We let you know soon as it be on here.
Here we are relaxin after doin patrol in the sunshine. Hard work that patrolin round perimeter. Notice how alert we are, yer don't know who about. There be some funny ones round there. We Surrey boys so we don't understand 'em all, they all talk funny ! A good cadet must always keep alert !

Thursday, 21 June 2012


Welcome to our blog. We bit behind in updating. Don't worry we got lot to say, always have !! If you on #wlf HELLO thanks for having a nose at our blog. We got to add some more videos and pics. Hope you like our choice of GARFIELD and all the others. MORE IS COMING. WATCH THIS SPACE........
I say, there is a strange looking lady in an advert under our post here. No, it isn't rude !! hehe
Oh its another advert now.

Friday, 15 June 2012


Hi anipal friends and hooman friends, its yer Fe and Jas here again. 

ATTENTION ALL #wlf comrades !  Don't forget the #wlfpridepawty tonight the 15th. We will wear our berets proudly.


We got to add some stuff here according to mum. We off to go and think about what to write. We fed up with the weather, all it does is rain. Can't do our patrols properly. 
Hope you like our choice of music and movie bits. We got loads more to add on here,hope you will like them all. Mum got more of us too. Mum steaming us some fish tomorrow YUMSKY !!!  We catch you all later our pals.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Good morning everyone. We had our morning patrol int garden. Mum sat out wiv us and had cup of tea. We went in and had some steamed fish she cooked for us. MMMmm yumsky !  We now chillin dudes! Bit of sun in lounge, so we sprawlin in that. We catch up wiv you guys later. Oh, by the way, we added 2 new pages of music and movie vids, check em out dudes. 

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Hello everyone. This is our new blog. Mum is busy getting it together for us but we do contribute as well. Our IT skills are not as good as mum's but we are getting there.
Our blog will include news. funny bits, pics, movies and anything else we think all of you would be interested in. We are proud members of the WHISKAS LIBERATION FRONT, hence our berets. If you are a twitter user you can join it. It is for all animals (and Hoomans) who hate all cruelty to animals, want to meet new friends, have some fun. We have rules and regulations and sign the pledge to the WLF. If you want to know more we can send you a link on twitter.