Monday 31 December 2012


HELLO EFURRYONE!!!  Jasper & Felix here.  We would just like to say A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL ANIPALS & HOOMANS, especially those we know through twittery and many other pals in UK and throughout the world. 
We saw a rainbow today, so we are hopin that is good luck.  Well, mum said "You know what we are wishing for boys, lets keep paws crossed!"
So we are keeping paws crossed but it does cause a bit of a problem now and again !! hehe! 
This year of 2012 we have had the honour of meeting some very special pals.  They have all been so kind, considerate and caring through good and bad times.  Us and mum are so taken aback at such kindness and friendliness from our new friends who live both near and far. From Fife to Bognor, Yorkshire to Cyprus, New Zealand to USA, Italy to Australia and MANY other places as well. 
We have had some sadness and some happiness.  Met new pals and lost some old ones.  Tears, of joy and tears of sorrow.  But one thing that shines out amingst all of this is our undying friendship.  Special friendships that we would never have formed and our mums and dads would never have formed.  Anipals and hoomans have become strong together and caring together. 
We would love to list EVERY dear friend on here but there are so many.  Some we speak to more than others, some we speak to now and then, however, EVERY SINGLE ONE IS SPECIAL!!!!!!!!  Look at OUR SPECIAL PALS page for some of our dearest friends. We have more to add, so if you are not on there we must be awaiting your photos and info. 
To those friends which we already have, to those friends who are OTRB and to those friends we are yet to make WE WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!!

Monday 24 December 2012


HAPPY KITTYMAS EFURRYBODY !!!  We just popped on here to send our Kittymas Message to efurryone, we sound like the Queen!!  Our mum said the same, she was goin off to send a Kittymas message to all her pals, hee hee.  Our Krimbo message won't be so formal as der Queen's.  We want to wish ALL anipals and hoomans A VERY HAPPY KITTYMAS!!!  Mum not feeling 100% so we will be on hug patrol over Kittymas.

We must mention some of our pals, Our dearest Fester and his mum who has had flu, we wish Fester and his mum a very happy Kittymas and hope Fester's mum is feeling loads better. She is such a wonderful person to all the anipals she looks after. Happy Kittymas to rest of Fester's family too.

Patchy Meow and mum and all family.  Hope weather ok in Cyprus and Patchy and mum and family have a happy Kittymas.  Patchy worked hard on the 24hr WLF Kittymas pawty, so deserves a relaxing Kittymas. Patchy's mum is very clever and writes wonderful stories.

Mr Tibbs & Wolfie, and their mum & dad. they work so hard for anipals especially kitties in the Essex area and efurrywhere else too.  Tireless workers for wlf.  Always ready with advice and help for all of us.  We got some stuff to do with Tibbsy in new year.

Duchess of Bramley, HRH Mimi and Countess, three ladies the pride of Yorkshire.  Like Patchy, Duchess worked hard on the 24hr WLF Kittymas pawty.  We hope that Duchess, Mimi and Countess have a very relaxing and peaceful Kittymas with their lovely mum and dad.

Nerissa or we should say Nissy.  Our dear pal from Canada. Nissy has been wonderful pal, is so talented like Patchy, writes an amazing blog. So many pals do. Thank you Nissy for giving us all those awards and certificates on our blog, you are a great pal and we wish you and your family a very happy Kittymas. You work so hard and are so kind and caring.

A very Happy Kittymas to Jason Smithers down there in Plymouth.  He is a kind and helpful kitty. A great pal who has a great family. Sadly he has lost some family members this year but we are all here for him and wish him and his family a very Happy Kittymas.

We want to wish Princess Tilly and her mum and family very special Kittymas, Tilly is a wonderful kitty, so kind and thoughtful like her mum. Gentle and sweet kitty. She had her ups and downs this year but she bril now.  With help form her boyfriend Angus all the way from South Africa. Happy Kittymas to Angus and his family too.  A special gentleman, loving and thoughtful to sweet Tilly

Nancy Cake Face, our lovely Houston Nancy, all the way over in the USA.  Nancy and her mum have been so kind to us, as has all our pals, cheering us up.  Kind lady kitty and works so hard for WLF as well.  Happy Kittymas to Nancy and mum in Houston USA.

Tazo from Lancashire, who has been a kind and thoughtful pal. Has bit of a scatty sisfur called Mezzy, who is so sweet. Has lovely mum and dad too.  They all so kind and has sent us lovely messages.  We wish Tazo and all his family a very happy Kittymas.

Chrizzie a special pal from Holland.  Again, such a kind pal who has cheered us and our mum up on many occasion. That is so kind and thoughtful. We wish you a very happy Kittymas and big thanks for your support. You deserve it, we thank you so much.

Special Kittymas love and wishes to Gina, we call her New York Gina!  A very kind and caring kitty from New York. Another American lady kitty.  We send her and her mum and all her family loads of Kittymas hugs & best wishes.

Special happy Kittymas to Blue kitty in West Midlands. Poor Blue was attacked by a dog and thank god Blue survived and is a cheeky little kitty, happy and full of fun.  Love you Blue. Happy Kittymas to Blue, brofur Henry, sisfurs Tabbi and Ebony. Happy Kittymas to their lovely mum and dad and hooman sisfur.  They are also such kind and thoughtful people and deserve a happy Kittymas.

Special Kittymas love and best wishes to Mr Pie he kitty from Cheshire.  He is a top dude.  Like all our pals, he is kind and thoughtful.  Always there to lend a helping paw. Happy Kittymas to Pie and his family.

A special Welsh Happy Kittymas to Jaffa kitty.  He is a big guy. A big Norwegian forest puss cat.  He is a thoughtful and caring kitty, a great kitty as a pal. We send Jaffa and his family lots of love and hugs and a Happy Kittymas.

Sadly, we have lost some pals this year, one of which was our dear pal Ryker.  We think of him so much as he lived not far from us and we miss him greatly. He was a good pal to us and many other anipals.  We know that he and all other OTRB pals are watching over us and touch us gently with their paws efurryday.  We love you Ryker and all OTRB pals, we will love you forever.

If we have not mentioned you PLEASE DO NOT TAKE IT PERSONALLY, you know that we count all of you as our bestest pals. That is why we have our special pals page. We still need to add more special pals, we waiting for info from a few more. If you are on that page YOU KNOW YOU ARE SPECIAL!!  We are honoured that we have so many. WE LOVE YOU SO, SO ,SO, MUCH. 
So, all of you out there have a safe and happy Kittymas.  No fighting or falling out over the final turkey leg, remember, it only has two !!  Eat drink and be merry but don't over do it.  HAPPY KITTYMAS ONE AND ALL FROM JASPER, FELIX AND OUR MUM HUGS HUGS XXX

Thursday 6 December 2012


Morning pals!!!  It be very cold here and we got SNOW!!!  It be bleak and chilly. We went out for a quick wonder with mum (should say, me, JASPER went out wiv mum!!  Felix wimped out!!!) But came back in very quickly, too cold on paws.  Will get some piccies when mum sorts out camera and puts em on PC.

Still working on our directory of blogs and websites. Will soon be up and on here. 

Also must mention the WLF XMAS PAWTY which is being organised expertly by Duchess of Bramley, Patchy Meow and Nike.  IT IS A 24 HOUR SUPER XMAS PAWTY ON 15th DECEMBER.  Will do a proper feature here ASAP. 

Mum needs PC now for work, typical !!!

Don't forget to read Patchy Meow's blog 

Saturday 1 December 2012


Hey guys you know Nissy did a BRILLLLLL vid, well, The Duchess did one for me, Felix, I am a real hot dude like Nissy. "What do you fink brofur Jasper??"  "Oh gawd!!!"  Me, Jasper that was my reaction. Felix has not stopped dancin round house. Duchess is so clever like Nissy and Patchy. All our pals we have on here are clever, highly intelligent, very talented and above all loving loyal friends. Duchess said she would do a vid for me, Jasper, that sounds bril too, will do that. Perhaps we could all do a concert, Nissy, Patchy us two and all the other pals who have made BRILLLL vids.  Anyway, now me, Jasper has taken over writing bloggy from Felix (he still dancin!!) I will show you the vid. Could have him and Nissy in sterio.............YEAHHHHHHH!!  Click HERE for Felix BIG DANCE ROUTINE, HEY GET DOWN!!!

Yes folks, it HRH DUCHESS OF BRAMLEY & TRUMAN DANCIN TWENTIES STYLE!!!  Who needs Strictly???  Wow they are great movers. Click HERE for Duchess & Truman dance the Twenties!!!

Wednesday 28 November 2012


Hey pals, check this out !  Our pal Nissy from Canada is a real dude, look what he has done.  He real dance sensation.  YEAHHHHH!!!!  Look at dem shapes dude !  Get down !  Get down !  YEAHHHHH!!!!
Click HERE for Nissy's bril vid !!!

We have so many talented pals, we are lost for words and that is saying something for us, or not !!!  hee hee !!  We have another one of our talented pals Patchy Meow and friends.  We will add all the names, we just need to check. This one is a little windy !!  As with Nissy's it is BRILL!!

Tuesday 27 November 2012


Hey pals, we are proud to announce that our very good pal Patchy Meow has made a video chatting about #wlf and telling you all about it and how to join. If you want to join on twitter just contact @eldridelephant. Here is Patchy's vid.  She is such a star. Well done sweet Patchy !! XXX


We have a new pal on our Special Pals Page. It is the sisfur of TAZO THE TAT!!!  Her name is MEZZY. Here she is, read all about her on our Special Pals page, written by her brofur Tazo.


Don't forget pals, tonight at 8pm is Little Winnie's Au Revoir Pawty, she going off to Guide Dog School.  She is going to be a BRILLIANT guide dog.  Her mum and dad are very proud of her. Don't forget to pop along. There is a page you can go to where you can click to sign her good luck card and say you are going to attend. We have added our names with a little message.  It is being held in Paris, our mum's favourite city (apart from London!) Paris in France, oooo!  ehoh! ehoh! ehoh! ehoh! oooo lala!!! GOOD LUCK WINNIE, YOU WILL BE ACE !!! 

Tuesday 20 November 2012


Hello pals !!  Fe & Jas here !!  Weather here is gloomy, wet and bit windy. Mum is bit fed up with it, we trying to cheer her up. 

We want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all our Twitter followers who got us above 500 followers now, YEAHHHH!!!  We DJ for the WLF #panfurpawty on Sunday and celebrated ! It is the second time we have DJed, we really enjoyed it. A big thanks to our fellow DJs Feral Tom, Mr Tibbs and Wolfie and any other of our fellow pals on Twittery who DJ at WLF pawties. Efurryone is so talented we have such a lot to live up to. Our mum did a bit of DJin some years back, so she taught us how to do it.  Both times we DJd we got trending on Twittery !  We beat X FACTAH and Strictly. Our mum hates  X FACTAH so she was REALLY chuffed about that !!!

"Jasper here" hope you like these two pics, my brofur Felix looks really funny in them with his big red nose!!  Too much nip beer!!

We are going to set up a ANIPAL BLOG & WEBSITE DIRECTORY on here as so many pals now have blogs and websites.  They are SOOOO bril we think you should all know about them and check em out.  We have a couple to start with that are so amazing. 

The Five Cats Chronicles by Patchy Meow
Nerissa's Life by Nerissa (who is a chap)
Truman Cat by Truman

That is only 3, we have loads more. They are BRILLLL, please have a look pals.

Tuesday 13 November 2012


Hi pals, don't forget to read our mum's consumer blog
It has loads of up to date stuff on groceries, consumer goods, debt and finance, utilities, nuisance calls and lots of other stuff.  Mum only started it last week and she has had loads of people reading it.  YEAHHHHH!!!!  FOR MUM!!

She will be adding lots more stuff pals, tell your mums and dads !!

Monday 12 November 2012


Hope your Monday is going ok pals. Ours is chilly and dull. We did early patrol with mum when it was still frosty. That be defrosted now but it still cold and dreary!  We been snuggled up in warm while mum doing her work on laptoppy!  We fink it must be lunchtime, need to go and tap mum on the knee!
Nissy was trying to add comment to our blog but couldn't, we realised that somehow we had disabled it, now stupid thing won't open up !  Angry boys!  We will have to have a chat with mum and see if she can help us.  Meanwhile, we have new pal on here from Cardiff in Wales, it be Jaffa !!! YEAH!!  He has little story to tell about when he went off for nearly two weeks on adventure.  He says being at home is much, much better than being lost.  He loves his mum and dad and they love him too. Read and see his pics on OUR SPECIAL PALS page.  Don't forget to check out HRH Duchess of Bramley and HRH Mimi of Bramly's video on here, the new one we put on here over weekend, it be on this page. It was their birthday this weekend, we wish them loads and loads of happy returns and hugs etc etc XXX
Baby Blue kitty is still doing well after her horrid ordeal.  We send lots of luv to her, her two sisfurs and brofur, not forgetting her mum, dad and big hooman sisfur.

Sunday 11 November 2012


We was going to write a little message as it be special day to remember all those peeps (and anipals!) who gave their life for a free world, but when we read Nerissa's post on her bloggy we thought that says it all. Nissy always writes bril posts. Really top notch writing. However, we do want to say that it is a special day and we should stop and think for a moment about all those who went to do a tough job and never came back. Of course there are many still giving their lives today. As #wlf comrades we remove our berets and bow our heads and remember them. 
 Thanks Nissy for bril bloggy !!

Saturday 10 November 2012


ATTENTION EFURRYONE!!!  We want to wish HRH DUCHESS OF BRAMLEY and her sisfur HRH MIMI OF BRAMLEY very special happy birthday. Loads of special hugs for a very special birthday from us two lads Felix & Jasper and ALL the pals on twittery. HAPPY HAPPYY BIRTHDAY LADIES XXX This is for you :
We also are honoured to have the latest video from Duchess & Mimi - THE QUEENS OF PREEN!! (we think Mimi is doing all the work again! hehehe!)

Tuesday 6 November 2012


Hey pals!!!  We got to write up a report on the Bonfire Pawty and the fact we have been given an AWARD!!  Look to the right of this post at the Cup Cake. Special thank you to Nerissa and Patchy for that. We will write a proper special thank you little later. Mum busy on pooter doing her work at mo, so we got to wait a bit. YEAH!!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR AWARD WE BOTH BLUSHING!!

Sunday 4 November 2012


Hey pals !!!  ATTENTION ATTENTION!!!!  wlf Bonfire pawty tonite at 7pm - 11 pm. We are DJs 8pm - 9pm, got sum great music for yers !!!  Tommo is DJ 7 - 8, we DJ 8 - 9, Mr Tibbs DJ 9 - 10 and Shayna DJ 10 - 11.  Lots of food and drink. Wear something warm pals.  
Don't forget to use #wlfbonfire
Info also in more detail on this blog from Nike


Update on Baby Blue Kitty

Hi efurryone. We got update on baby Blue kitty. She is doin much better, vet say she gettin there. With lots of luv and TLC from her mum, dad, big hooman sisfur, brofur Henry, sisfurs Tabbi and Ebony.  We were all so worried about her, such a terrifying ordeal for such a little kitty. Thank god she back on mend, safe and sound. We sending her loads of luv and cuddles with loads of XXXXX  Special mention for her dad who starts new job tomorrow. BIG GOOD LUCK FROM US !!  He top dude, so we know he will be fine.  Here is up to date pic of baby Blue kitty.

Monday 29 October 2012


We are SOOOO pleased to say Blue is brighter today. She is eating and taking her tablets having cuddles with mum and dad.

What a terrifying ordeal Blue had being attacked like that.  How she survived, well, thank God the little sweetheart got through it.  Her mum and dad were so happy to have received so many get well wishes from Twitter folk, from UK and across the world.  We all kept our paws tightly crossed for sweet Blue to make a full recovery and she seems to be on the way there. Here are some up to date pics of little Blue kitty.
"We love you little kitty Blue, get well soon. "
We thought you might like this to cheer you up. One of our big heroes....."You don't want to make the cat angry..."

Tuesday 23 October 2012


Yes pals with grateful thanks to Film Director Patchy Meow, we have, two BRILLIANT VIDS for Halloween... 
First one is the HALLOWEEN TIME WARP. Starring some of our special pals.....
and one featuring US !!!!  The Monster Mash.  We and Patchy got to look at the audio bit, but we fink it sooooo bril and clever. Patchy Meow is a SUPER FILM DIRECTOR, she AMAZINNNN!!!


Hey pals!  We promised to give you an update on little Blue, well, she has recovered well. No prob wiv stitches, now lampshade on now and she back bovverin Henry and the other girls! Just look at these pics !!!!!!
Blue annoying Henry. Henry stands his ground!! 
Blue has been watching Charlie and Louise on BBC Breakfast.  Had a SCARRRREEEYYY moment. We LOVE that pic.

Thursday 11 October 2012


Please send lots of paw hugs and cuddles to Blue, a beautiful little lady kitten who has just had her, cough cough, er, whispers "ladies operation". She ok but has little infection on a stitch, her mum is going to take her to vet tomorrow to see if it is just tablets to take or a little op. She is a bundle of fun. She lives in Wolverhampton with her 2 sisfurs and brofur, they are on our PALS PAGE.  They are great pals, please send little Blue GET WELL CUDDLES, PAW HUGS, NOSE TAPS ETC.

Wednesday 10 October 2012



Hey pals, we would like to send a special message to mums of two of our pals who have not been feelin too well this week. The first is Fester's mum who was feeling rather rough a couple of days ago. HOPE YOU FEELIN LOT BETTER NOW FESTER'S MUM, WE SENDIN YOU LOADS OF HUGS AND GET WELL CUDDLES XXX

Our next pal with a sick mum is Mr Pie, he had to rush off yesterday to help out as his mum was not feeling at all well. HOPE YOU FEELIN LOT BETTER NOW MR PIE'S MUM, WE SENDIN YOU LOADS OF HUGS AND GET WELL CUDDLES XXX
A bunch of flowers for our pals mums to make them feel better.

Monday 8 October 2012


Hello pals!!  Fe & Jas here. Hope you are all well.  We sorry, bit behind wiv updatin blog!  Wehave added more pals pics. Have got more on way from new pals and ones already on our blog YEAH!!!  

Yes folks, a few items to tell you about on the food front.  At most Sainsbury's now on offer FOR CATS - FELIX BOXES OF 12 POUCHES, SHEBA INDIVIDUALS, I AMS PACKS OF DRY FOOD. 
From dear HRH Duchess of Bramley some info on Tesco -  spend £5 or more and you can get a free cat feeding bowl. Check that your store has the offer. The following link shows you the map of all Tescos stores participating in offer. (Ours doesn't !!  Sad ears !!) THANK YOU DUCHESS FOR ITEM XXX

ALSO AT TESCO - Felix Meaty Steaklets in Jelly 12x100g pouches down a £1 to £3 until 23/10/12. Other Felix pouches also available at same price.  Also, 5 Shebas for £2 until 23/10/12. A lot of Courmet Gold also on offer at Tesco until 23/10/12

If you have any more news items PLEASE let us know and we will add them on our NEWSDESK !!!

Ere bro Jas, fink its rainin.  Well Felix bro, you don't say, that may be why we gettin wet !!
No patrol then Jas bro?   Nah, don't fink so Felix bro, unless you got boots and umbrella ?????

This is our old toy box mum made for us. I pinched it, made it into a bed. Yes, I know we got uvver posh beds !

Aghhhhh!!! and, relax !!!   Little bit of the old warm rays froo der window......

Saturday 29 September 2012


Hey pals, we just come on here to give out the answers to our KITTY QUIZ.  Hope you all had a go.  Don't worry if you did not get dem all right.  If you did a bit of research on Google that is fine, nobody could know dem all immediately. Well, we don't fink so !!  Anyway, below is de answers.....

1   What was the name of the piece of music in the Tom & Jerry cartoon “Cat Concerto”.

A:   Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 by Franz Liszt. The film was released in 1946, produced by Fred Quimby and directed by Joseph Hanna and William Barbera. In 1946 it won the Academy Award for Best Short Subject Cartoon.

2   In “Sabrina The Teenage Witch” what was the name of Aunts Hilda & Zelda’s magical talking cat ?

A:   Salem

3   Sylvester the Cat made his very first appearance in a film back in the 1940s, what was it called ?

A:   “Life With Feathers” an 8 minute long film, made in 1945.  Voiced by Mel Blanc, of course. 

4   Puss Cat Willum (although nowadays it would be Puss Cat !) appeared in a popular children's tea time TV show in the 1960s, what was it called and for an extra point what is the name of the lady appearing with Willum in this photo ?

A:   Well this actually started as “Small Time” during the late 1950s-60s then turned into “The Five O’Clock Club”. This ran until the late 1960s. The lady in the photo is Muriel Young, one of the most well known of all presenters and producers of children’s TV programmes of the 1950s-60s and 70s. She became head of children’s TV at Granada.  

5   In the film "Garfield : A Tail of Two Kitties" what was the name of the castle where Prince lived ?  Prince was of course Garfield's double.

A:   Carlyle Castle

6   At the beginning of every Bagpuss episode Emily the little girl, would recite a poem "Bagpuss, dear Bagpuss, Old Fat Furry Catpuss, Wake up and look at this thing that I bring....."  What are the next two lines ?

A:   Wake up, be bright, be golden and light
Bagpuss, oh hear what I sing

7   In another famous American cartoon series, there starred Jinksy the Cat, but what was the names of the two mice that starred with him ?

A:   Pixie & Dixie, the cat was often referred to as MrJinks. His famous line was “I hate those meeces to  pieces”

8   In "Shrek 2" Puss in Boots made his first appearance. What did he do to distract the guards when Shrek and Donkey entered the castle to rescue Fiona ?

A:   He removes his hat, looks at the guards cutely, then attacks them when they all go “awwww”

9   In "The Aristocats"  who was Scatman Crothers ? He was usually referred to by his friends by a slightly shorter name.

A:   Scat Cat – actually voiced by actor and musician Scatman Crothers. Scat Cat was the leader of the jazz band. 

10   "Top Cat" series first came over to the UK in the 1960s, but what was it called in the UK ?

A:   “Boss Cat”  During the 1960s there was a brand of cat food on sale in UK called “Top Cat”. The BBC did not want to be seen advertising a product so changed the name, bit silly really as “Top Cat” is consistently being referred to within the programme. Now, the TV series and film is always referred to as “Top Cat” in the UK

Tuesday 25 September 2012


Hey everybody !!!  Don't forget to have a go at our quiz on FE & jAS QUIZ PAGE.  We got more quizzes commin. Any suggestions for quizzes please let us know.   Hope you enjoy dem as much as we enjoy writin  dem !!  FE & JAS THE DUDES !!!