Tuesday 20 May 2014


HI DUDES !!!  Aploogies !  We were supposed to be adding a movie to last post but had a techky itch! Mum has got a new camera that is called a "camcordyerything!" It does movies and still photos. That was working ok it was the broadbandy, it be a bit slow. It ok now AND mum had her laptoppy serviced, so it be ok as well. Phew!  She hasn't stopped much lately. But she said she will be giving us lessons on der movie stuff.  We want to have them there chairs that has "DIRECTOR" on them !!  We be back tomorrow and get mum to add some of our first attempts at der movies !!!

We also want to say a big FANKS to Basil, Nissy and Thomas and all the other pals who put comments on our bloggy. You top dudes pals BIG BOY HUGS ALL ROUND !!!!!!!!!!

Sunday 18 May 2014

Hey pals !!!  Fe & Jas here!  Guess what dudes, mum bought herself a new camera !! She treated herself for her birthday.  It be a camcorder that also does stills. She said we can use it to make movies !  Yayyyyyyyyy!!! We be top film directors. We have here a movie just a try out one that mum did, it be not very good as she not really up on der camcorder yet, lots to learn how to make top notch movies. This is a little movies just to give you idea. This is us nomming earlier.