Sunday, 14 April 2013


Actually, we have pinched mum's faceybook page !! HEE HEE.......
We got more stuff to put on our bloggy.  Will be doin it later as mum wants laptoppy to do HER work. We got paws on hips HUH!!  We have vitally important stuff to do on here. Oh well, will go and find a sun puddle and relaxxxxxx...........  BACK SOON PALS HUGS XXX  DON'T FORGET TO READ OUR COLD WET NOSE DAY CAMPAIGN PAGE PALS.  WE GOT SOME MORE AWARDS COMING UP AND NEW AWARD FOR ANIPALS AND HUMANS WHO CAMPAIGN FOR ANIPAL RIGHTS.  WILL BE NAMED AFTER SOMEONE VERY SPECIAL...........

Thursday, 11 April 2013


Hey pals!!!   Wonderful book and e-book by Patchy Meow !! On sale now !!  A beautiful gift.  Click HERE for book purchasing information. 
For info on the e-book, click HERE they are both beautiful books. Do have a look.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

HEY PALS ATTENTION!!  ATTENTION !!  Another award has just been awarded !!!  Click on our COLD WET NOSE DAY CAMPAIGN page TO READ ALL ABOUT IT!!!!!!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Hey pals, hows you all doin? Well Easter is over but mum still on her week's holiday. We been able to get outside wiv mum. Had bit of sun, it still bit chilly though, ok if you is be in the sun. We been relaxing at back door. Great when it be sunny. 
We have also been doing our patrolling and guard duty, as you can see from these ere pics. That is me, Felix on front window sentry duty. That is me, Jasper on perimeter patrol. We both like keeping look out for potential intruders!
We take our patrolling and sentry duty very seriously. You never know who or what is about. A good WLF member must always  be alert at all times and look after the home front.

Now guys, just before Easter we had the WLF EASTER SOCK HOP. It was BRILLLLLLLL!!!  A massive well done to all who participated and made it such a PURRRRRRRFFFFFECT event, especially PATCHY MEOW AND HRH DUCHESS OF BRAMLEY. Ladies you were MAGNIFICENT. Think poor Patchy had RSI in the paws (no, we don't know what it means eiver !) for all that typing she was doing to organise the event. Duchess who worked so hard finding our avi,
thank you so much dear Duchess.  A special thank you to Patchy and Sugar Plum who allowed us to escort them to the HOP. We were honoured ladies, hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

We must also give a MASSIVE MENTION to our great pal Wolfie and his PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN night to celebrate him coming though that horrid operation. ANOTHER BRILLLLLLL NIGHT PALS !!!  WOLFIE YOU ARE A TOP DUDE, AN INSPIRATION PAL, WE LOVES YER LOADS. 

Next on the agenda pals is the COLD WET NOSE DAY stuff.  Yes, we haven't done a great deal lately, well, you may think not, but, infact, WE HAVE!!  We will be making announcements on our dedicated COLD WET NOSE DAY page regarding more awards.  Some more human ones !!!!!  Also, we got some more stuff and news for it.  Keep an eye out over next day....... ALL WILL BE REVEALED....................!!!!!!!!