Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Hey dudes !  Just a quick update to say that our pal Mr Mincey Pie had his teef op week or two ago and he is now A OK. WELL DONE MINCEY MATE !!  He back nommin and on patrol. Me, Jasper I be a lot better too after me teef op. I'm enjoyin me noms as well, mum calls me a gannet cos I like me grub! Hee hee! 
Mr Mince Pie
Thhis is a bootiful pic of Mr Pie and his sisfur Miss Pud, we do hope they don't mind us using it, so lovely
Now, both of us, me and brofur Felix have announcements shortly. We will have some VERY special awards to hand out. Some, sadly postumouse and some not, either way we are both so excited that all the recipients are happy to receive them. Just got to get mum to do the necessary and we will announce on here and show you the awards. We will be doin it propper like, roll of drums and trumpet, we is driving mum nuts practicing !

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  1. *claps paws* Yay for Mr Pie! So glad to hear that he and Jasper are both doing well after their toothies operations. Nan's Dad used to say someone was a gannet when they had a good appetite *chuckles* She hasn't heard that saying for a long time. Keep up the good work, guys. We be eggcitedly awaiting your special awards, too!