Tuesday, 10 July 2012


This is a special message for our pal Jackie who has just come out of hozpical. She not feelin too good, so we sendin her loads of Fe & Jas cuddles. We got to tell you that you must eat your tea and your lunch and your brekfast. Else you won't get better. Me Jas not feelin 100%, we both gettin older boys now so we like to take things little easier. Mum fusses over us. We are mature boys and me, Jas am bit slower now. Me Fe, not too bad. I still bounce about. Mum worry bout us. We tell her not to.     

We got a special movie below for you Jackie to cheer you up. It be Top Cat. We also got Garfield clips on our MUSIC & MEDIA  page. Get well soon. XXXXXXXXXX