Monday, 27 August 2012


Hey dudes, is us Fe & Jas back bloggin!  We fed up wiv weaver, all it do ere is RAIN!  We don't like it too hot, that not nice but we miss the sunny days and evenins. Mum grumpy too.  We not too bad now, feelin pretty ok, just fed up wiv rain rain, dreary skies.  Mum got her rock music on at mo, we havin nap in bedroom, though we can shake and throw some shapes man, when we want to, we luv to rock toooo, we ROCK KITS !!  We got thicko neighbours who play music loud, so mum puttin hers on loud now hehe, they so thick they probably don't notice. Dimmo numptys !!
This is me, Felix after throwin a few Rock Shapes on de floor, need to cool off man !!
This is me, Jasper, guardin the food dishes, man that dancin is hard work, need noms, need to relax man PHEW!!  MUM, WHERES DE GRUB??