Sunday, 8 July 2012


Hello pals. We be here again. We would like to introduce you to our cousin, Ellie. She be a black lab pup. 
We haven't met her yet but mum says she is a bundle of fun and very friendly. 

We are very angry as Ellie was attacked by a dog not on a lead, Ellie was on her lead. She was badly hurt but thankfully she has pulled through. We want to go out with a swat squad and find the thick owner of the other dog and teach him what leads are for and how to be a responsible owner.  He disappeared off with his dogs and police were very kind but as nobody knows who he is they can't do a lot. Here is Ellie after her operation, when she got all mended.
We want to know why she got a lampshade on for, or is it a salad bowl ? She only a little pup, not much bigger than us lads. Tho she grow to a bigger dawg. Thankfully she better and eatin loads. She must not touch her stiches for a week at least. We send her lots of loveys so she get well soon. 
Let this be a warning to all dawg owners : KEEP YOUR DOGS ON LEADS AND BE RESPONSIBLE. We better not say any more in case we get very angry !