Monday, 12 November 2012


Hope your Monday is going ok pals. Ours is chilly and dull. We did early patrol with mum when it was still frosty. That be defrosted now but it still cold and dreary!  We been snuggled up in warm while mum doing her work on laptoppy!  We fink it must be lunchtime, need to go and tap mum on the knee!
Nissy was trying to add comment to our blog but couldn't, we realised that somehow we had disabled it, now stupid thing won't open up !  Angry boys!  We will have to have a chat with mum and see if she can help us.  Meanwhile, we have new pal on here from Cardiff in Wales, it be Jaffa !!! YEAH!!  He has little story to tell about when he went off for nearly two weeks on adventure.  He says being at home is much, much better than being lost.  He loves his mum and dad and they love him too. Read and see his pics on OUR SPECIAL PALS page.  Don't forget to check out HRH Duchess of Bramley and HRH Mimi of Bramly's video on here, the new one we put on here over weekend, it be on this page. It was their birthday this weekend, we wish them loads and loads of happy returns and hugs etc etc XXX
Baby Blue kitty is still doing well after her horrid ordeal.  We send lots of luv to her, her two sisfurs and brofur, not forgetting her mum, dad and big hooman sisfur.


  1. Yaaaayyy I can leave a comment. Hi pals just want to say I love your brill bloggy. Lots of Hugs xxx and purrs Patchy.

    P.S. you have 2 awards you know One Sweet Blog and Super Sweet Blogger. X

  2. Yoo-hoo! YOO-HOO!!! I can leave comments now and tell you how much I'm LOVIN' your blog! And... CONGRATULATIONS! I see that Patchy Meow has something extra super-duper special for you. Again... Yoo-hoo! YOO-HOO!!! purrs

  3. Hey there Jaffa! I remember when you went missing, too, and am ever so happy you got yourself back home. Hmmm... I wonder... My brother Rushton looks like you and he's a big boy, too. The peep thinks he's part Maine Coon but maybe he's more Norwegian Forest Cat like you. He can open the kitchen window! Yup. Maybe you Norwegian Forest Cats are especially smart when it comes to stuff like that. purrs