Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Hello pals !!  Fe & Jas here !!  Weather here is gloomy, wet and bit windy. Mum is bit fed up with it, we trying to cheer her up. 

We want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all our Twitter followers who got us above 500 followers now, YEAHHHH!!!  We DJ for the WLF #panfurpawty on Sunday and celebrated ! It is the second time we have DJed, we really enjoyed it. A big thanks to our fellow DJs Feral Tom, Mr Tibbs and Wolfie and any other of our fellow pals on Twittery who DJ at WLF pawties. Efurryone is so talented we have such a lot to live up to. Our mum did a bit of DJin some years back, so she taught us how to do it.  Both times we DJd we got trending on Twittery !  We beat X FACTAH and Strictly. Our mum hates  X FACTAH so she was REALLY chuffed about that !!!

"Jasper here" hope you like these two pics, my brofur Felix looks really funny in them with his big red nose!!  Too much nip beer!!

We are going to set up a ANIPAL BLOG & WEBSITE DIRECTORY on here as so many pals now have blogs and websites.  They are SOOOO bril we think you should all know about them and check em out.  We have a couple to start with that are so amazing. 

The Five Cats Chronicles by Patchy Meow
Nerissa's Life by Nerissa (who is a chap)
Truman Cat by Truman

That is only 3, we have loads more. They are BRILLLL, please have a look pals.


  1. Pawsome post - concatulations on reaching 500 followers!! *high paws* Love your pics, guys. And those bloggies you have recommended are brilliant, thank you for directing us to them. *smoochies*

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! You're gonna have way more than 500 followers, real soon, 'cause you're that special. Really, you are.

    And thanks so much for the mention. Both for my blog and... well... lettin' peeps know I'm a chap. Blame the peep! All her fault. Really.