Wednesday, 3 July 2013


No doubt most of you pals have heard the devastating news that our dearest pal Fester has gone OTRB. Needless to say, we are devastated and desperately heartbroken. He was one of our oldest pals. One of the first pals we got to know on twittery. We owe him so much as a wonderful pal.  He showed us warmth and friendship and was always there with a cheeky quip and a friendly smile.  Please pals, express your love and affection for wonderful pal Fester and send your love and supportive thoughts to his mum and his brofurs and sisfurs, they are all so distraught. He was quite a mature kitty and had a wonderful life with his mum and family. Remember his mum got an award from The Cold Wet Nose Day Campaign for her outstanding kindness to anipals in her job, also giving a wonderful loving home to many anipals. We will be making an announcement this weekend on our bloggy with regard to dearest pal Fester. Something extremely special in his honour. 

So please pals, if you are on twittery or FB send a message to his mummy, show your love and support. We is off to open another box of tissues for our mummy as she keeps using them up cos she got leaky eyes. 

To our wonderful pal and dear matey, Fester. We are all so much richer for having known you pal. We know you will keep your paw on your mum's shoulder, keeping her safe and letting her know you are still with her, forever and always. 



  1. Thank you for the news about Fester; I didn't know; I am sad but my Torix will be a good friend. xox

  2. I heard the very disturbing & very shocking news about Fester.. I am so hurt that he left.. He was my very special white & brown tabby brofur.. He will always be in my heart.. So sorry to his mom & sisfurs & brofurs.. Please accept my condolenses.. #RIPMYTABBYBROFURFESTER

  3. We are heartbroken to lose our dear pal Fester who has joined the ranks of the #wlf10thbattalion. He was much loved by his family and furiends and will be missed so much by us all. RIP dear pal - we will meet OTRB one day Tibbsy & Wolfie ♥♥

  4. We waz furry sadz to hear da newz 'boutst Fester'z passing... He waz one of ourz firstest furriendz on Twitta and Facebook... He waz so furry pawsum and an outstanding host at da #DinzClub... We be sure he iz welcomedz with open pawz by ourz Fluffarooniez' bunch at da Rainbow Bridge, with yummiez niptailz... U haz a wondafulz time at da Rainbow Bridge Fester... 'till we meetz again one dayz...

    We also be sending comforting purrz and hugz to Fester'z fursibz and mum... Purrleez takez sum comfortz in da fact he hadz an outstanding lifez with u'z, filled with luv and hugsiez...

  5. Fester was one of the nicest kitties I knew, that's for sure. He was always cheerful - so it's little wonder that he made furiends easily. I was so very sorry to learn that he was called to the Bridge, I guess God just couldn't do without him for one more minute. We send loves and hugs to his family, we know how they will be missing him. xx Thomas

  6. So upset to hear about Fester. I often look for his tweets and will miss the dear lad.