Sunday, 3 March 2013



HELLO EFURRYONE!!!   Tonight we is making a BIG announcement!  We are launching the – roll drums, sound the trumpets !  COLD WET NOSE DAY!!

This is not like RED NOSE DAY, this is only for anipals and will not just last for one day, it will be FOREVER!!
We have a mission statement which will state what we hope to achieve with help from all of you anipals and humans too…..

What we aim to do is to encourage humans and anipals to help anipals more, do lots of stuff to make life better for all anipals, all over the world.  It will not just be us two, we want it to be YOUR COLD WET NOSE DAY and we will all decide together on how to do stuff.
We will promote WLF and other wonderful anipal support organisations. We are members of WLF and are very proud comrades.

What we are suggesting is for you and humans to do something to help anipals everywhere, for example –

Give another anipal a forever home
Collect money for an anipal charity
Volunteer to help out at an anipal charity
Make and sell stuff for a anipal charity
Take some unwanted bits n bobs to an anipal charity shop
Offer to help an older person with their pets, maybe dog walk
Helping out in any way you think you can to make anipals lives better and of course their owners.
We would also like to give some special award certificates to special anipals. The first one we have chosen is for bravery, but we want you to suggest other types of certificates and who to give them to.  We have picked 3 anipals for the bravery certificate and we will be announcing them shortly. We will also be changing the name of the bravery award, again, we will tell you all about that in the next day or two.

We will give certificates to humans too if you think there is someone who deserves one. We would like to hold discos and pawties too, just fun really but also doing other stuff which we will report on here.  We will get the ball rolling then you all can suggest things, all help out, all do stuff together.  It has got to be fun but do something positive too.  If we get lots of stuff coming in on what anipals and humans have done or are doing we will set up a separate blog for it.
We have made so many wonderful friends through twittery and WLF we just want to give something back to say thank you. Ultimately COLD WET NOSE DAY belongs to ALL anipals efurrywhere.   WE LOVE YOU PALS……………….XXX


  1. This is wonderful idea! #CWND Woo Hoo You rock!

  2. Hi Felix & Jasper! That's a great idea! We want to make some monetary donations to help our friends, but we also want to get to know more of our overseas #wlf comrades. Time zones separate us by an hour up to 18, but it's great how we can meet animals and humans on Twitter without leaving home!

  3. Cold Wet Nose Day.... Hmmm.... I like it. No... I LOVE IT!!! purrs

  4. Great thinking bat man err I mean Jasper and Felix, very brilliant idea, and of course I would love to help you. There is nothing better than a cold wet nose. MOL xxxx many hugs and purr too.