Monday, 25 June 2012


Hello everyone ! It be Monday and a start of another week. We had good time at #wlfbbq last night. We both got widdly tiddly. Nothing changes there then !

We have some more pics for you. They be of our back garden patrol. It as been rainin so much that we had to do guard duty from the door, bit wet and muddy outside.
Mum said that she is goin to write a CATS ON TV & FILM QUIZ and will put it on here and on her own blog site what which she has lots of other quizzes on. So you can chooswe which blog yous do quiz on. Will include shows like Top Cat, Tom & Jerry, films like Puss in Boots, Garfield etc etc. Should be great fun. We let you know soon as it be on here.
Here we are relaxin after doin patrol in the sunshine. Hard work that patrolin round perimeter. Notice how alert we are, yer don't know who about. There be some funny ones round there. We Surrey boys so we don't understand 'em all, they all talk funny ! A good cadet must always keep alert !